Covert Fascination
Secret societies are one of the most exalted tradition-bound Ivy League College organizations. These covert fraternal organizations have existed for almost 200 years and have been the breeding ground for future presidents, senators and captains of industry. Every year only the top one percent of every class is "tapped" to become a member of one of these exclusive societies. Admission is a virtual guarantee of future success and the attachments between members is strong and enduring. Once you're a member, you're a member for life.

The Skulls is an original thriller that is rooted in undisputable facts that are more frightening than any film. Writer John Pogue, who previously penned the Tommy Lee Jones/Wesley Snipes-starrer U.S. Marshals, experienced secret societies firsthand when he attended Yale University. Once, during his freshman year, when John was speaking to a senior counselor, he asked him about a mysterious pin he was wearing on the inside of his jacket.

"I asked him if he was a member of a secret society," Pogue recalls. "Without a word he just turned on his heel and walked away. It was obvious to me that he took this organization very seriously and was willing to put its interests ahead of his responsibilities as a counselor."

From that moment on Pogue was fascinated by the system that perpetuates such elitist secret societies. In his senior year, he was "tapped," and couldn't resist the opportunity to penetrate the inner sanctum of a secret society.

However, the experience left him with mixed feelings. "Having gone through the process, I can honestly say that there are good things about secret societies," Pogue recalls. "I believe, however, that it is an anachronistic system which is more appropriate for the Robber Barons of the 19th century then for today's world."

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