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Like the character of Luke in the movie, Walker was drawn into Caleb Mandrake's world of casual privilege and amorality.

"Caleb was bred to carry on the family name," says Walker. "He has been taught to present a patina of grace, control and self-sufficiency. But behind that, Caleb is very unsure of himself. In some ways I think he wishes he was more like Luke, that he'd had to work harder and not have everything handed to him on a silver platter."

Moritz and Cohen soon realized that the combination of Jackson and Walker made for an exciting dramatic dynamic. Both actors had done their homework before stepping foot onto the set.

Walker confesses, "Caleb is far more challenging than many of my previous roles and I wanted to be up to it. Fortunately Rob made me feel very confident by being so supportive. He really knew how to bring out the best in me."

Rounding out the central cast were two other promising young talents, Hill Harper as Will and newcomer Leslie Bibb, who plays Chloe. Having attended Harvard University, Harper knew the Ivy League mentality and was impressed how astutely writer Pogue captured it.

"John Pogue is a phenomenal writer. There is a soulfulness that comes through in his writing that is really beautiful," says Harper. "When I read the script I thought 'Okay, I can do a movie for young people that has something intelligent and relevant to say about peer relationships.'"

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